Dodge Connect lets you command your Dodge vehicle from virtually anywhere with a powerful range of connected services. The Uconnect® 5 infotainment system and the Dodge App give you access to safety and security services, available Navigation, entertainment on-demand and other features for the ultimate driver experience.

SOS Call

• Get emergency help with the push of a button
• Connect with a Customer Care Agent during medical emergencies and evacuation conditions

Automatic SOS Call

• Get fast access to emergency services
• Automatically connect with a Customer Care Agent if your vehicle detects airbags have been deployed
• Offers peace of mind

Assist Call

• Connect to a Call Center Agent with the press of a button
• Get assistance with Dodge Connect Registration
• Easily contact vehicle care

Vehicle Theft Alert

• Quickly receive alerts if your Dodge Hornet’s theft alarm is triggered
• Get comprehensive vehicle information to help assist authorities
• Higher likelihood of recovering your Hornet

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

• Receive police assistance through Dodge Connect agent
• Embedded GPS technology assists authorities in locating vehicle
• Higher likelihood of recovering your Dodge Hornet

Remote Vehicle Operations

• Remotely lock and unlock doors
• Start the engine and warm up or cool down the vehicle before entering
• Easily locate the vehicle by remotely sounding the horn and flashing the headlamps



Remote Vehicle Operations

• Remotely lock and unlock doors
• Start the engine and warm up or cool down the vehicle before entering
• Easily locate the vehicle by remotely sounding the horn and flashing the headlamps

Drive Alerts

• Get notifications when others are out on the road
• Set boundary limits, monitor driving speed and pinpoint vehicle’s location
• Set speed limits to promote safer driving habits, when equipped with available Navigation

Send Destination to Vehicle

• Save time by searching for your destination ahead of time
• Easily send the address directly to your vehicle’s navigation
• Enjoy the convenience of your route waiting for you

Alexa Skills

• With the Dodge skill for Alexa, command your Dodge Hornet using only your voice
• Simply ask Alexa to start/stop the engine, lock/unlock the doors, check tire pressure or ask for directions
• With available TomTom Navigation you can also ask Alexa for directions and have them sent directly to your vehicle

Smartwatch Extension

• Check on your vehicle as easily and conveniently as you check the time • Select Connected Services can be accessed via your smartwatch when paired to your smartphone and Dodge app

    An available 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot lets your passengers stream, browse, share and more from the open road on up to eight devices. A 3-month trial/ 1GB of data (whichever comes first) for SiriusXM Guardian equipped vehicles or 3-month trial/ 3GB of data(whichever comes first) for Dodge Connect equipped vehicles Enjoy an in-vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot. Learn more at AT&T about unlimited data offer starting at $20/month. After 22 GB of data per line is used within one month, you may experience slower speeds.

Safety & Security Package (10-year trial)

Get backup on hand to help keep you and your passengers safe with GPS-based safety and security services on your Dodge Hornet. Features include:

• SOS Call
• Automatic SOS Call
• Assist Call
• Vehicle Theft Alert
• Roadside Assistance
• Dodge Connect Customer Care
• Dodge Customer Care
• Stolen Vehicle Assistance
• Remotely Clear Personal Data
• Emergency Vehicle Alert System

Vehicle Performance Package (5-year trial)

Maximize the performance of your Dodge Hornet and stay up to date with vehicle health alerts, remote software updates, trip reports and more. Features include:

• Monthly Vehicle Health Report
• Vehicle Health Alert
• Remote Software Updates

Assistance + Navigation Package (3-month trial)

Stay connected and in charge of your world in your Dodge Hornet with smart and convenient assisting services. Features include:

• Remote Vehicle Operation
• Alexa Skills
• Drive Alerts
• Send Destination to Vehicle
• Last-Mile Navigation
• Smartwatch Extension
• TomTom Navigation
• TomTom Traffic and Travel Services
• Remote Map Updates
• Advanced Search


Available SiriusXM Guardian™ connects you to your vehicle and gives you control. Remotely start your vehicle, use Roadside Assistance Call for help with flat tires and minor roadside incidents, receive alerts when your vehicle’s theft alarm is triggered and more. SiriusXM Guardian is available on select 2023 Dodge Brand vehicles.