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Before you select a towing vehicle you need to determine the weight of the trailer being towed as well as the weight the vehicle will carry while towing. To make things easier and provide a good margin of safety, Dodge has created five classifications for trailer weights and hitches. Take a look at the breakdown of maximum weights for each class, typical trailer loads, and hitch requirements below.
  • 2,000-pound maximum
  • Folding camping trailers and trailers for small boats,motorcycles, and snowmobiles
  • Load-carrying (non-equalizing) hitch
  • 3,500-pound maximum
  • Single-axle, small to medium length (up to 18 feet) trailers
  • 5,000-pound maximum
  • Dual-axle or large single-axle trailers
  • Weight-distributing hitch not required, unless specified for a particular vehicle
  • 12,000-pound maximum
  • Largest travel trailers made for recreation
  • Weight-distributing hitch is required; as indicated by each weight classification, there are three types of hitches that are required
  • Over 12,000-pounds
  • Must be fifth-wheel or gooseneck
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