Media Center 230 (REQ)
Media Center 230 (REQ)

NOTE: Uconnect™ Phone and Voice Command are vehicle options which must be ordered separately. The buttons on the radio will only be active if the vehicle has been equipped with the option.

  • The radio sales code is located on the lower right side of the radio faceplate.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the information provided on the operation and functionality of the radios in this section is common to all non-touch-screen radios.
Seek Up/Down Buttons
  • Press to seek through radio stations in AM, FM or SAT bands. Seek through tracks in CD.
  • Holding either button will bypass stations without stopping.
Audio Settings
  • Press the TUNE/SCROLL control knob and BASS, MID, TREBLE, BALANCE and FADE will display. Rotate the TUNE/SCROLL control knob to select the desired setting.
Auxiliary Mode
  • The auxiliary (AUX) jack allows a portable device, such as an MP3 player or a cassette player, to be plugged into the radio and utilize the vehicle's audio system to amplify the source and play through the vehicle speakers.
  • Pressing the AUX button will change the mode to auxiliary device if the AUX jack is connected.
  • The control of the external device cannot be provided by the radio; use the device controls instead.
Clock Setting
  • Press and hold the TIME button until the hours blink; turn the TUNE/SCROLL control knob to set the hours.
  • Press the TUNE/SCROLL control knob until the minutes begin to blink; turn the TUNE/SCROLL control knob to set the minutes.
  • Press the TUNE/SCROLL control knob to save the time change.
  • To exit, press any button/knob or wait five seconds.
Station Presets
  • Press the SET/RND button once and SET 1 will show in the display. Then select the button (1-6).
  • A second station may be added to each push button. Press the SET/RND button twice and SET 2 will show in the display, then select button (1-6).
How To Load Multiple CDs/DVDs
  • Press the LOAD button and then press the button with the corresponding number (1-6) where the CD is being loaded. The radio will display PLEASE WAIT and prompt when to INSERT DISC.
  • After the radio displays INSERT DISC, insert the CD into the player. The radio display will show LOADING DISC when the disc is loading and "READING DISC" when the radio is reading the disc.
  • Press the eject button and then the corresponding number (1-6) to eject the desired disc.
MyGIG® (Uconnect™ System)
MyGIG® (Uconnect™ System)

The MyGIG® (Uconnect System+) offers a user-friendly approach to today's connected technology. From music to travel destinations, MyGIG connects you to the things that matter most. Leave it to MyGIG to make technology simple. Learn More  

Navigation Updates
Navigation Updates

Part of the available MyGIG® (Uconnect System+), this GPS-enabled system helps you get from A to B. Type an address or choose from thousands of points of interest, and MyGIG / Uconnect Navigation can guide you turn-by-turn, by voice or display, to your final destination. Buy Now


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SIRIUS Satellite Radio

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