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60 Day Test Drive

Right now at the Dodge Tent Event, you can purchase a new Dodge, drive it for 60 days and if you're not 100% blown away by the four-wheeled pure awesomeness, return it.

No harm. No foul. And no monthly payments - that's right, the first two months are on us.

We're giving you this opportunity because we're confident in our vehicles and we know that once you're in a Dodge, you won't want to get out of it.


PROGRAM PERIOD: July 7, 2010 through September 7, 2010


The 60-Day Test Drive program is available on all Dodge vehicles except Viper. There is no turn-in or trade-in required to be eligible for this program.

The 60-Day Test Drive option is in lieu of the core consumer incentive programs, including Consumer Cash, APR offers and all Bonus Cash. The customer must choose either the 60-Day Test Drive option, which includes Chrysler group making the first two payments, or the effective Consumer incentives. This choice must be made at the time of sale.

  • 40CAB - Pledge Plus... with 60 DAY RETURN OPTION and Chrysler Group making the first two payments: This option offers a customer the option to return a purchased (Type 1 sale only) vehicle after 30 days of ownership and within 60 days of the delivery date. Return requirements are outlined in the Customer Responsibility section below.

Customer must sign the 60-Day Test Drive Acknowledgement form to signify which plan was chosen.

Fleet and Commercial vehicle sales are not eligible. Eligible vehicles must be delivered during the program period. There is no sold order protection for this program.

MODEL ELIGIBILITY: 2010 Model Year Dodge vehicles, except Viper


If the customer chooses the 60-Day Test Drive option, the following requirements are in effect:

At the time of delivery of an eligible vehicle, the customer must sign the 60-Day Test Drive Customer Acknowledgement Form which explains the program parameters and eligibility for consideration of vehicle return. Dealer faxes form to cynoSure Financial Inc. at 586-771-3867.

To initiate a vehicle return, the customer must contact cynoSure Financial Inc (CFI) at Toll-Free number 877-354-3871 to obtain the Request for Benefit form. CFI call center hours are Monday - Friday; 8:00 am - 9:00 EST.

CFI will require the following documentation from the customer:

  • Signed and completed Request for Benefit form
  • Copy of Retail Sales Contract
  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Copy of Registration showing eligible vehicle in customer's name
  • Copy of Proof of Insurance verifying eligible vehicle has been insured since the delivery date
  • Any other documentation the Administrator may request

CFI will determine vehicle eligibility and facilitate inspection of the vehicle at the selling dealership.

The customer will be reimbursed for the purchase price of the vehicle (after any rebates or discounts), and applicable sales taxes that were actually paid. In states where collecting paid taxes is allowed, dealer is responsible for collecting applicable taxes.

Customer will NOT be reimbursed for:

  • License
  • Title
  • Registration fees
  • Insurance
  • Accessories
  • Dealer fees
  • Extended warranties
  • Finance charges
  • Negative equity
  • Any other expenses incurred at the time of delivery of the new vehicle

The vehicle must be returned to the original selling dealer in good, undamaged, and like new condition after 30 days of ownership and within 60 days of the delivery date.

The customer will be responsible for a $0.40 per mile driven (odometer reading). The vehicle cannot have more that 4,000 miles on the odometer starting from the delivery date.

Normal "wear and tear" is acceptable; however, the vehicle cannot have damages in excess of $200. If damages are over $200, the vehicle no longer qualifies for the program. Any vehicle involved in an accident will not qualify for the program.

The customer will NOT reacquire the original turn-in/trade-in vehicle upon return of the new vehicle.

The customer will be ineligible to purchase another Chrysler Group vehicle (except Viper and Wrangler) for a minimum of 30 days from the return date.

Only one return of a vehicle is allowed per customer. Only the top line signer listed on the retail purchase contract is eligible to return the vehicle.


Dealership employees are not eligible to participate in 40CAB - 60-Day Test Drive program.