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Dodge Grand Caravan is among the leaders in safety and security technology.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is equipped with airbagen_always_sit_properly_seat_belts protection throughout the cabin, with advanced multistage driver's and front passenger's airbagsen_always_sit_properly_seat_belts, supplemental side curtain airbagsen_always_sit_properly_seat_belts to help offer side-impact protection for all outboard occupants and the new supplemental front seat mounted airbagsen_always_sit_properly_seat_belts and driver's knee airbagen_always_sit_properly_seat_belts. Peace of mind comes standard.

To help absorb the energy of an impact, structural reinforcements of dual-phase steel are located in the octagonal front inner and outer rail, in a mid-dash cross member and in the engine cradle attachment posts. In addition, there are reinforced roof bows and high-strength reinforcements throughout.


Feature Availability

  • Protection

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  • Homelink® wireless control system

    Use the Homelink® universal transceiver to sync radio-controlled devices in or around your home. Buttons instantly bring devices like your garage door opener, security system or interior / exterior lighting under your control before you exit your vehicle.