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With the Grand Caravan's upgraded suspension, handling is improved along with your peace of mind. The newly upgraded suspension provides more stability during cornering and lower rolling resistance, yielding improved emergency handling.

In extreme steering maneuvers, the Electronic Stability Controlen_always_drive_carefully helps you maintain control. Electronic Stability Control senses wheel slippage and responds automatically.

Feature Availability

  • ESC

    ESC senses wheel slippage and responds automatically to help the driver gain control.
    • For demonstration purposes only.
  • Suspension

    To make challenging roads feel like pristine highways, Grand Caravan features McPherson strut front-wheel drive architecture. This design controls road noise and harshness, improves lateral stiffness and helps maintain stability during cornering for a more comfortable and controlled ride. In back, a rear twist-beam suspension with coil springs provides excellent overall handling and ride comfort.