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Payload ItemsWeight
Aluminum165 lbs per cubic ft
Brick - Common5,400 lbs per 1,000
Brick - Hard6,480 lbs per 1,000
Brick - Paving6,750 lbs per 1,000
Cinder Blocks - 8”x8”x16”35 lbs per block
Cinder Blocks - 8”x12”x16”45 lbs per block
Crushed Stone2,700 lbs per cubic yd
Diesel Fuel7 lbs per gallon
Earth2,565 lbs per cubic yd
Furniture7 lbs per cubic ft
Iron450 lbs per cubic ft
Lumber - Hardwood3,600 lbs per 1,000 board ft
Lumber - Softwood2,125 lbs per 1,000 board ft
Paper58 lbs per cubic ft
Salt1,125 lbs per cubic yd
Sand - Coarse Dry2,565 lbs per cubic yd
Sand - Coarse Wet3,240 lbs per cubic yd
Steel495 lbs per cubic ft
Water8.4 lbs per gallon
*MSRP excludes destination, taxes, title and registration fees. Starting at price refers to the base model, optional equipment not included. A more expensive model may be shown. Pricing and offers may change at any time without notification. To get full pricing details, see your dealer.

Varies by Trim Level


E85 Fuel Economy rating not shown. Use of E85 in your Flex Fuel capable vehicle will greatly lower your engine's fuel economy. Please see your dealer for details.

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