Journey can comfortably tow up to 2,500 pounds when properly equipped. For added stability in windy conditions and with uneven loads, the available Trailer Sway dampingen_always_drive_carefully senses trailer sway and takes action by automatically applying the right amount of braking to maintain control. Just knowing it's there offers you another level of security and confidence.

Find out more about towing in the Towing Guide.

Feature Availability

  • Towing

    In any towing situation, there is always a chance of sway occurring. Sensing this, Trailer Sway Damping works with the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Control and anti-lock brake system to automatically counteract the unwanted oscillation by applying alternating brake pressure until the trailer is under control.
    • When properly equipped. For demonstration purposes only. Properly secure all cargo.
  • Towing capabilityProperly secure all cargo.
    Towing capability

    The new Dodge Journey offers trailer tow capability of up to 2,500 pounds on models properly equipped with the available 3.6L V6 engine. Available trailer tow prep group ensures you have all the right tools to tow what you need, like an engine oil cooler and four-pin wiring harness.