The Challenger R/T and 392 SRT8® standard Tremec™ six-speed manual transmission features a twin-disc, high-performance clutch from ZF-Sach that helps to ensure exceptional engagement, comfort, low driver pedal effort and optimized spinning inertia. You'll also find:

  • Ten percent wider gears and larger bearings for higher torque capacity
  • Modified shifter rails for improved shiftability and durability
  • A less restrictive, high performance exhaust with a unique sporty exhaust note

Hill Start Assist allows the driver time to transition from brake to throttle to achieve a smooth launch on a grade. The system will hold brake pressure for about 2 seconds upon the driver's release of the brake pedal. The system decreases brake pressure in response to increasing throttle to provide a smooth launch.

With your hand grasped on the pistol grip shifter and your foot to the floor, you're ready to connect with the power.

  • Five-speed automatic transmission

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      The standard five-speed AutoStick shifter provides the option for either a smooth, fully automatic change of pace or spirited clutch-free manual shifting. Mopar® accessories shown.

  • Six-speed manual transmission

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      The standard six-speed manual transmission in Challenger R/T, R/T Plus, R/T Classic and SRT8 392 delivers precision within the tightest tolerances.

  • Automatic Transmissions
    Automatic Transmissions

    The five-speed automatic with AutoStick shifter brings a balance of performance and impressive shift quality, torque management and responsiveness. And with the AutoStick shifter, you can enjoy automatic operation, or just tap the shifter left or right for manual gear selection. Mopar® Accessories shown.