Challenger puts its best foot forward with a full lineup of aluminum wheels and tires. The Challenger SRT8® Goodyear® F1 Supercar tires and forged 20-inch wheels are just as happy on a winding canyon road as cruising down one long straight road.



Feature Availability

  • 18-inch

    • 2
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    • 18-inch Painted Aluminum
    • /shared/2011/challenger/design/wheels/primary/11_d_chll_d_wt_18inPainAlum_prm.jpg
    • 18-inch Aluminum Painted/Polished
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  • 20-inch

    • 6
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    • 20- inch Aluminum Chrome - Clad
    • /shared/2011/challenger/design/wheels/primary/11_d_chll_d_wt_20inAlumChrClad01_prm.jpg
    • 20- inch Polished Forged Aluminum
    • /shared/2011/challenger/design/wheels/primary/polforgalum.jpg
    • 20- inch Aluminum Chrome - Clad
    • /shared/2011/challenger/design/wheels/primary/11_d_chll_d_wt_20inAlumChrClad02_prm.jpg
    • 20- inch SRT® Design  Aluminum Wheels
    • /shared/2011/challenger/design/wheels/primary/11_d_chll_d_wt_20inSRTDesAlum_prm.jpg
    • 20- inch Aluminum with Black Pockets SRT8 392 Inaugural Edition Design
    • /shared/2011/challenger/design/wheels/primary/11_d_chll_d_wt_20inAlumwBlackPockets392_prm.jpg
    • 20-inch Aluminum Wheels
    • /shared/2011/challenger/design/wheels/primary/alum.jpg
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    To help keep the tires in shape, the standard system continuously checks tire inflation levels. If improper pressure levels are detected, a warning indicator light will display in the instrument panel to alert you. When equipped with the electronic vehicle information center, individual tire pressure levels display digitally.