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Uconnect™ System

The Uconnect™ System is the Dodge brand's user-friendly approach to linking today's technology. From music to travel destinations, Uconnect bridges the things you need most on-the-go. Leave it to Uconnect to make technology simple.












Feature Availability

  • tunes

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    • siriussatelliteradio_mc
    • ipodcontrol_mc
    • voicecommand_mc
    • 100% commercial-free music.
    • Easy access
    • Eyes on the road
    • Roll over an item.
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    • SIRIUS Satellite Radio
    • iPod® control
    • Voice Command
    • Everything worth listening to is on SIRIUS. Get over 130 channels including 100% commercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather. Hear every NFL game, every NASCAR® race, college sports and more. All of this with crystal clear, coast-to-coast coverage. Your first year of SIRIUS radio service is included.
    • Connect most iPod®-compatible devices, including iPods, iPod nano®, iPod touch®, and iPhone®, to your car using the iPod control cable. Then put it away and control your iPod through your car’s media center or steering wheel controls. Keep your eyes on the road while browsing your MP3 collection. It keeps your iPod charged, too.
    • Want to listen to FM 93.1? Why not just say “93.1”? Looking for a SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel but have no idea which channel it is? Press the voice command button and say “The Highway.” Voice command lets you keep your eyes on the road. Supports English, French and Spanish languages.
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  • Phone

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    • pointsofinterest_mc
    • gpsnavigation_mc
    • siriustraffic_mc
    • Control multiple systems
    • Connect wirelessly
    • Call by name
    • "Call Dad"
    • Roll over an item.
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    • Voice Command
    • Bluetooth® Technology
    • Address Sync
    • Hands-Free Calling
    • Uconnect ™ Phone gives you more than just cell phone control. It lets you select radio stations, SIRIUS satellite radio channels, and navigation destinations using voice commands.
    • With Uconnect™ Phone, all it takes to be connected to your car is a Bluetooth®-compatible phone. Pair up to seven phones with your Uconnect™ System through a simple procedure, and you can communicate with your phone without touching it. Just press the Uconnect Phone button to give your phone voice commands. One phone can be used with the system at a time. en_own_bluetooth
    • What's better than being able to tell your car what number to dial? Telling it to "Call Work." Uconnect™ Phone is smart.... smart enough to synchronize with your Bluetooth®-compatible phones address book every time you get in your car. It knows who's in your address book (up to 500 entries), and recognizes names when you say them. Making the tough calls just got easier.
    • Make phone calls while keeping your hands on the wheel. All you have to do is press the Uconnect™ Phone button and give it a command using your voice. Tell it to Dial a number, "Call Dad", or give it a command like "Redial". The conversation plays through your car's speakers, putting whatever else you had been blasting on mute.
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  • Web

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    • wifihotspot_mc
    • Surf the Web
    • Roll over an item.
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    • WiFi Hotspot
    • Get high-speed Internet in your vehicle with an in-car router that receives 3G broadband Internet. Passengers can surf the Web, get directions, check e-mail, play games, or download music. Works with any WiFi-enabled device. No cell cards or software are required. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute gave Uconnect™ Web a 2009 VIP (Very Innovative Product) Award.
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  • uconnect intro

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    • Select a feature below to learn more
  • Hands-free calling

    The available voice-activated phone lets you communicate virtually hands-free with an in-vehicle, voice command system that allows you to talk using your Bluetooth®-compatible phone.

  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio
    SIRIUS Satellite Radio

    With over 130 channels, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, part of the Uconnect™ Systemen_uconnect_dvd_available brings you more of what you love. You get 100% commercial-free music from nearly every genre, artist-dedicated channels and live performances you can't hear anywhere else. Hear the best sports coverage with live play-by-play and expert talk including every NFL game, every NASCAR® race, college sports and more.

    Hear the biggest and most compelling names in talk radio with Howard Stern and Martha Stewart, laugh-out-loud comedy with Jamie Foxx's The Foxxhole and Blue Collar Comedy, world-class news, family programming, local traffic & weather every 4 minutes and much more. The first year of service is provided at no charge. Now more than ever, everything worth listening to is on SIRIUS.

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