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1969 Dodge Charger
Dodge Racing
Shades of Power
Racetrack taillamp
respect the badge
grille accents
anniversary wheels
The Measure Of Power
Fit For Royalty
Against The Grain
Brain Power
Wild Frontier
power shift
handle your business
custom steering wheel
modern efficiency

Here’s to 100 years of performance.

Preproduction model shown.

The Dodge Charger became a legend as soon as it hit the street. During the fastback craze of the 60s, racing enthusiasts eagerly awaited the Dodge brand's response. What they got was an instant classic. A muscle car with more muscle. The Charger 100th Anniversary Edition features exclusive 100th anniversary content and so much more.

Muscle never goes out of style.

The Dodge Charger has been keeping poster companies in business for decades
and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The only thing better than looking at
the Charger 100th Anniversary Edition is driving one.

Winning details.

As phenomenal as the driving experience is with the Charger 100th Anniversary Edition, you should also stop to enjoy the finely crafted features that you might not otherwise notice.

Named for what it does best.

For a performance car that takes no prisoners, what else could it be named but Charger? Now the Charger 100th Anniversary Edition honors its heritage and provides the performance that it is legendary for.

Preproduction model shown. Available January 2014.

Choose between too much power and way too much power.

Preproduction model shown.
Charger SXT Plus 100th ANNIVERSARY EDITION MSRP* Starting at $33,495
Charger R/T PLUS 100th ANNIVERSARY EDITION MSRP* Starting at $34,695

Flex 100 years of independence.

There’s more than one way
to dominate the road.

Explore Challenger
Preproduction model shown.